Stick-woven Yellow Knitwear


Yellow knitwear with standard size fringes. Made 100% with sheep’s wool and woven with sticks.

Mapu Domuche Newen

Millarray Millahual Quintriqueo - Tirúa

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This yellow knitwear has beautiful fringes made of 100% sheep’s wool. The technique used for its manufacture is completely handmade, since it was woven with sticks using the rice stitch. It color was dyed with the dahlia flower.

The yellow color was obtained through natural dyes from plants that grow throughout our territory and forms of soil, climate, height and volume of rainfall, allow to obtain a wide variety of colors and tones, which enrich the color combinations for each design. An ancient technique that was common in our indigenous ancestors.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 93 × 49 cm


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