Reinao Tourism: Knowing the Lleu Lleu


Enjoy a kayak ride on the lake “Lleu Lleu”

Lugar: Tirúa - Lago Lleu Lleu

Personas: 6 people maximum

Kayak: Conociendo el Lleu Lleu

Rodrigo Reinao - Tirúa-Lago Lleu Lleu

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As a Mapuche, I have the privilege of living in the environment of the purest lake in South America, so I hope that other people can also enjoy its beautiful and unspoiled landscapes.

Through group and / or individual kayak tours, guided or not; according to the client’s need

Located in Camping and Cabins “Manke Mawida” and Camping “Puerto Cuya”, Miquihue sector, Tirúa commune, VIII Region

Business hours from 8 am. at 21 hours.

Maximum 6 people per group.

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