Kolkopiou wallet: Kultrún


Waterproof wallet made of jeans and kultrun print. Made from recycled textiles.

Azul Zima

Milka Ruedlinger Catril - Coronel

Textilería y Manufactura

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Unique Product.

Each design is thought to give a modern and vintage touch to each product we make. Its black and white embroidery design highlights the denim material from which it is made. We want to give it a modern touch and at the same time honor the Mapuche people with our products. Wallet made of jeans and embroidered with a beautiful black and white kultrun. Raincoat with various pockets that make it even more beautiful. Inside it has a small pocket. This wallet has an ideal and comfortable size for your daily use.

Unique product, which is manufactured from recycled and restored textiles to take care of the environment. The fabric may vary from one product to another, but its design and structure are maintained.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 36 cm


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