“Aros de la Vida” Earrings

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Pair of plywood earrings in the shape of the “Tree of Life”, and surgical steel.

Milla Wirin

Daniela Millanao Carvajal - Tirúa

Servicio de Diseño
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The “Árbol de la vida” (tree of life) represents in itself our own stay on this earth. That begins with the birth of human life, represented by the deep roots of the tree. The path we travel is reflected in the trunk that grows towards the sky. Its branches, in their multiple bifurcations, represent the crossroads that we meet in our lives and that make us constantly have to make decisions. This significant message has been embodied in this pair of dangling earrings.

The earrings were carved in plywood and their parts are made of 3mm surgical steel.

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