Ákel Jacket


hand knit jacket, in knitting sitcks technique (Jacquar and stitch embroidery). Inspired by the Selknam’s body painting, native people from the extreme south of Chile.

Tejidos Mcalfu

Madelin Calfunao Baeza - San Pedro de la Paz

Textiles y manufactura


Red (ákel) was the most common painting for the Selknam people and considered the most beautiful; other colors used were white, black (hauk sa’a), shades from yellow to dark red, and shades of gray. They were painted for hunting, fighting, sports competitions and also for shamanic rites, marriage and rites of passage, but the most important instance was the Hain. The bodies of the performers were completely painted, applying the color directly on the naked body with up to three colors: red, black and white. Thus, for example, the predominance of red, indicated the belonging of the spirit to the western sky, assigning to this cardinal point, an effect of clouds (sunset), made with the application of a powder similar to that of chalk. “The face (mask) and body of the spirits were decorated by one or more uniform motifs. On the other hand, the women and men (who did not represent spirits) painted their faces with a drawing and the rest of the body with a different one (…) the women painted their bodies with designs (tari), symbols of their heavens and lands (haruwen) ”(Chapman 1986).


  • Yarn: Anti-allergy acrylic, anti lint, soft.
  • Weight: 650 grs. approx. (Size M)
  • Tchnique: Woven in a single piece, without seams, includes Jacquard technique and stich embroidery
  • Color: Red and White
  • Buttons: Handmade clay
  • Production time: 4 Weeks

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